Adobe XD :

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ADobe XD

It is capable of quickly design and construct prototypes for cellphone app or internet site, and integrates wireframe draft, visual layout, interactive layout, user enjoy layout, prototyping, preview, share and so on feature sin a single place. Designers can use it for speedy interaction layout and product prototyping, thus greatly improve the productivity.

As a expert vector portraits designer + easy prototyping software, Adobe XD Full Version [Latest] comes with a compact and clean UI, foolproof operation, ideal interface design, and the switching feature of prototype interaction.


It supports diverse sizes of devices direct imports Sketch projects, direct copy and paste the proprietary record formats generated via Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC), helps sharing your layout solutions inside the procedure of development, affords sliding design feature for developing tablet PC applications or touch-enabled software.

Combining UI layout and UX layout together indicates that Adobe XD objectives to grow to be the remaining answer for UX/UI designers. For many designers, Adobe XD appears to be in the imitation of the classic and powerful Sketch.

Key Features :

  1. Exporting files as per device necessary DPI
  2. Sharing via link or video capture
  3. Supports multiple target platforms
  4. Allows live preview
  5. Conveniently handle objects in the design and export assets for further use
  6. Clean and intuitive interface
  7. Simple to begin
  8. Elimination or minimization of designing efforts
  9. Interactive Prototyping – Clarity of navigation between screens
  10. Liquid working with drawing surfaces
  11. Transitions
  12. Easy to use UI kits for IOS, Android, and Windows App
  13. Built to work on devices
  14. Exact replication of repeatable components
  15. Ideal for interface designers
  16. Design, prototype, share. All in XD
  17. Smooth and speedy on Mac or PC
  18. Eliminate tedious tasks with Repeat Grid
  19. Fast, versatile artboards
  20. Reimagined layers and symbols
  21. Powerful tools that are easy to use
  22. Beautiful experiences
  23. Control and customize your experience
  24. Get feedback faster to iterate faster
  25. Preview on mobile devices

Official Demo Video :

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10+
  • Windows 8.1 pro

Edition Statement:

DaaniPC provides the Adobe XD CC Cracked Version Free Download multilingual pre-activated versions for Windows 64-bit, and full installer along with unlock patch for Mac.

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