CorelCAD 2021:


Coralcard 2021 is a simple and modern CAD program. Join the easy-to-save CAD project with CoralCad 21 2021. NET support simplifies collaboration. It uses DWG, 2D design, modeling and high quality 3D support. STL for better and better performance

CAD Software:

  • Browse 2D and 3D drawing tools
  • Industry data. DWG, .STL, .PDF and .CDR *
  • You can save time by collaborating and sharing plans.
  • Automatic and more

Coralcard 2021 Features:

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Upgrade Coral‌Cad for Best Designers. Software development using content, design, planning and marketing technologies. Its 2D images blend well with layers.

Easy to replace
You can easily create computer video using advanced CAD applications. Double-click the 3D image for 3D images. Coalition with CoralCad provides fast results, design and product development.

Increase your productivity with clear text, images and simple tools. The entire Coralcard feature supports working with peers, classmates or colleagues. Support for 3D printing is very simple. STL – 3D printer or product guide

be careful
You can use Corcard to update your project each time to get the right results with the new version of AutoCAD. Local support. GPG developers can continue to work with CAD software to adapt the work environment and add high-performance solutions and technologies to make the product user-friendly.

What’s new in CoralCad 2021
Note. DWG files released in 2021 can be read and written in later versions of this format (R2018). This image encoding database contains Draw Data Exchange (DXF) files containing contents.

You can customize the room
Adjust distribution settings and devices or cut backbone.

CBB vert
Convert dynamic text from DWG text to text.

By looking at the image, you can compare the two lines and describe the changes that have taken place from one new location to the next. HideDrewing compares the hidden gallery.

Draw a story
The working version has a domain. This allows you to compare the current image with the previous version of the cloud storage, which is compatible with the HideDrawingHistory palette.

Create chapters and plans based on BIM models.

BOS explained
See BIM components in BIM content for more information.

Change BIM records
Allows you to edit text for BIM content and BIM images.


BIM prepared a map
Map shows a list of BM items that allow you to compare information from BIM drawing materials and style libraries.

Do this on the page
Project Manager is a set of tasks designed to create, maintain, and manage designs.

An example of a colored background
Allows you to specify the background color of the clipboard.

Change the XP style
Customize the chat display in Windows, such as Open and Save.

Enter STLasMesh
Import stereographic information (STL) and add current geometry to the object in the water.

AppCast is free
Expands services and software packages to change domain language.

New Opportunities:

How to identify yourself
The business model makes business relationships easier. You can use the children’s model to modify each part of the model one by one. They are more sophisticated metaphors, allowing you to create lines, circles and patterns along the way. You can use the new image editing system to change the transition from the original model. You can use the model branch to use properties and properties. View messages as you enter text. This allows you to enter words and write chapters in the controlled text.

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