InPixio Photo Studio:

InPixio Video Studio offers a professional video and photo creation service with unique picture effects and high-quality image processing – all with powerful editing capabilities. You are much easier

Take Beautiful photos with just one click!

  • Add filters and video effects: gold, black and white, blonde, negative, sepia, production, vintage …
    Cropping and cropping: Change focus and size of your photos without the help of an expert.
  • Edit photos: change colors, brightness and more, get the most out of your favorite photos!
  • One-click automatic adjustment
  • Adjust the image
  • Select retouch module

All the Features of InPixio Video Studio:

Kuckt as a photo
With the photo editor, you can learn quickly. You can easily switch between devices. You can choose simple images for your photos. But you can also do the following:

  • Delivery overview from both sides
  • visible from front to back
  • Use the zoom position for more accurate data to improve visibility and transitions.

Group performance
View multiple photos at the same time.

Save your personal space
You can call for future services with the click of a button.

High-precision zoom without compromising on Quality

  • up to 1,000%
  • very strong scale – 7 algorithms
  • Translated and pre-grouped
  • Print large images and banner ads
    Tap and edit with one click.
  • Improve your illustrations and improve their quality
  • No! Curved sound mode for RGB tuning.

The extremely high image processing power can improve the image quality by 1000%.
Thanks to its 7-zoom algorithm, Video Maximizer can display basic image sizes in pixels or centimeters. The desired solution can be built to show the results perfectly. This is especially true if you are printing photos and are looking for maximum output.


Enlarge images and save in low resolution.
Magnification often produces color and clarity. Video Maximizer offers high quality images with low noise. InPixio Photo Maximizer enhances blurry and blurry images when magnified.

Virum / nom Verglach
See four different locations at the same time! Compare photos and choose the best result!

Distribute your photos to computers, cell phones, cameras, and more.
Download pictures to your computer and enlarge!

Copy letter
Print your own posters, t-shirts, postcards, and more.

Create thousands of photos in one step – Pro version.
Combine awesome upload settings and image enhancement to get up to 1000 pictures at the same time!

Make a preset
Create and save your own basic routines for later – turn your photos into photos! All image processing settings can be saved in an unknown format for later use. You can easily get the job done without updating your site!

Improve the accuracy of the image

  • Improve image accuracy
  • light sander
  • Strong and resolute
  • Combine a decision making function and a blur effect that brings video themes to life!
  • Take professional photos with Ellipse Frames (Vignette).
  • Add a little blur to complete the picture.
  • Save your preset settings for future use with one click.

Correct the Facts
Smart photography is no easy task, especially with naturally occurring screenshots. InPixio Image Focus quickly solves these problems and delivers sharp, high-resolution images.

You can add a bright, attractive and washed area to your pictures. This will help differentiate between the background and the center of the image.

More concentrate
Some photos may not always be accurate. Focus on the image and focus on the center of the image.

Good contrast with tilting and smooth Functions.
Add blurry focus to your photos. This will create a beautiful thumbnail that makes the target of your image look like a thumbnail!

Create templates and ideas
Choose the best detail for your pictures. Controls and Cleanliness – Beautiful and detailed photos!

Get more out of your photos! Even the sharpest images can be edited for the perfect or simple print.

you can also download:

Download InPixio Photo Studio Full For PC

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