MAGIX Video Pro [X12 v18.0.1.94]Crack Free Download

MAGIX Video Pro:

Download MAGIX Video Pro X12 for free from our library. This is the only image editing program that everyone has access to video editing. Sophisticated tools and workflows make Video Pro X easier to use than other professional video editors. The new camera is perfect on a computer, but offers a larger 4K Ultra HD resolution.


Video Pro Edition X12:

  • 8K Ultra HD support and HDR color space management
  • No! INFUSION ENGINE 2 is a versatile version of Ultra HD projects
  • No! Real-time image stabilization using Mercalli ProDAD Suite V5
  • Professional equipment with three- and four-step settings
  • More than 1,500 models and techniques like the Chrome key
  • Speech delay is sufficient, including volume control
  • Improved color control and tracking
  • Multiroom, up to 9 rooms with different options

Full Features of MAGIX Video Pro X12:

Build the video industry:
It doesn’t matter how many film projects you have, you can get it done quickly. The use of functional and innovative features such as flexible multi-object management is very nice. You can access 3- or 4-point editing, multi-camera editing, or one-click tools like Split and Trim. Mix audio and audio play along with real-time audio realization.

The truth is logical:
Match the color combination curve or use the quick template tables to find the right color scheme with the details you need. The Mercalli V5 ProDAD Suite now features a timely and high level of constant risk and dirty injections.

High quality 8K Ultra HD Graphics:
Video Pro X has always been technologically proven and exceeds industry standards. It offers up to UltraK 8K resolution, HDR and real-time color video, and provides great performance. Powerful web technologies make video editing beautiful despite its versatility.


New in this version:

INFUSION 2 Poshnali:
Exclusive Video Pro X: Video resolution up to 8K * Includes real-time AVC and HEVC processing with high end graphics support from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA.

HiDPI Editing interface:
In particular, the Video Pro X: high resolution interface guarantees good comparison and readability even on 4K screens. The new generation design is modern, faster and more functional.

Live video
Especially Video Pro X: immediate shock and long no-hit return time. Real-time image stabilization using Mercalli V5 ProDAD Suite allows this.

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Download MAGIX Video Pro X12 Full for PC

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