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Test School Professional can be downloaded for free from our library. Making and printing, testing or certifying paper and pencils has never been easier. Workplace school exams can be easier and more time consuming, and the results are more effective. Some of our users suggest that this might be a homeschooling test. If you are looking for a professional testers who can work quickly with paper and pencil tests and exams, the Schoolhouse Test Program is for you.

Version 5 takes the test to the next level. College 5 includes factual explanation, multiple choice questions, general information presentation, editorial development, collaboration, solution mapping, and more.


Features of School Test Pro:

  • Create quizzes, quizzes, and quizzes with hundreds or thousands of questions.
  • Select the “Open” item and check the box to cut the test item.
  • Introduction Enter and assign symbols for each question.
  • Restoring data to work, especially when the computer is turned off.
  • Input Specifications Select an essay from a range of options to meet design standards developed by many American academic institutions.
  • Complex Forms Create and answer questions with words, phrases, or full text, complete with paragraphs, captions, bold, italic, and underline.
  • Show fonts, view the script for each application or control in the Font World box.
  • The contract panel guide identifies the most frequently used programs in the community, provides easier access, and eliminates the need for hidden menus, features, and sometimes difficult to use.
  • Additional text, add an image or logo to the experiment and in the box next to the group name (home page value).
  • The Data Review provides step-by-step instructions for each question and uses filters to select questions about your quiz and test.
  • Find out how women tag pictures or make spaces for them to answer surveys or drawings.
  • Visual Composition – Questions allow you to select an entire sentence, sentence or sentence. Combine two words to remove them from the text, or click Select.
  • See how images are used for answers, links, and questions. Or reply with a mix of text and images
  • Check documents Insert a left page and, if necessary, select a separate question and answer on different pages. (Attach a separate label for each question if you have more than one page.)
  • Browse sample presentations and switch locations to quickly find questions with specific words, and easily change or measure words or phrases during testing.
  • Photo Gallery Print and convert a smaller Microsoft Word or MathType table.
  • Question data model for each question, with the symbol value 0, there is no question number in the question format.
  • Data Viewer, a design template that allows you to create and edit a wide variety of data for products, phases, categories and requests.

you can also download:

Download Schoolhouse Test Professional Edition Full For PC

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