VMware Workstation Player [V16.1.1] + Commercial Full Free Download

VMware Workstation Player:

VMware Workstation Player 16, users can create, operate and measure performance and applications on virtual machines, regardless of the operating system. Due to the versatility and design of the virtual machine, the Workstation Player is the easiest way to deliver virtual images to employees, contractors or clients. It’s much easier to start a test drive with VMware Workstation Player.


Features of VMware Workstation Player 16:

  • VMware Workstation Player is a modified version of desktop virtualization software that runs at least one on a single computer without restarting. With a simple user interface, unsupported physical usability, and easy agility, IT professionals are now able to convince people to work with desktop businesses more easily.
  • The Workstation Player now supports DirectX 10 and OpenGL 3.3 and offers more advanced and useful 3D application control capabilities. With these advanced features, you now have access to all the DirectX 10 applications you need, such as Microsoft Power Map for Excel, so you can view data of any size. Additionally, many complex 3D programs, such as AutoCAD or SOLIDWORKS, run their components in a virtual machine.
  • Workstation Player is the best way to support high resolution 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) displays for desktop and QHD + (3200 x 1800) devices that can be used on desktop and tab. X86 tablets provide clarity and understanding.Player Workstation 15 now supports multiple hosts on multiple hosts with more DPI settings, so you can use the new 4K UHD monitor with your existing HD 1080P monitor.
  • VMware Workstation Player can run multiple virtual machines created with restricted VMware Workstation Pro or VMware Fusion Pro VMs.It is the easiest way to protect your desktop with encryption, password protection while running, USB restrictions. Root / Guest Isolation and Workstation Time Limits 15 Players now improve the usability of the virtual coding system by being three times faster than the previous workstation delay and iteration.

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